TRP-1 Transceiver

TRP-1 Transmitter Receiver December 1949

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General Description

This unit was produced as a replacement for the aging ATR4 series, taking advantage of wartime advances in radio techniques. The unit was produced by Pye Industries in Melbourne, which by now had taken over Electronic Industries, who had taken over Radio Corporation, who had in turn absorbed Eclipse Radio.

Technical Data

The receiver is a superheterodyne type, using 1 RF Amp and 2 IF amps. A permanent magnet speaker is mounted in the side of the carrying case. The tuning range is from 2.7 - 7.0 MHz. Provision is also made for one crystal locked frequency in each tuning band.

The signal to noise ratio at 1 microvolt is 6db. TRP-1 Case

The audio output is 100mw maximum.

IF is 455kHz

Valve line up is:

1T4RF Amp
1T41st IF
1T42nd IF
1S5Detector and Audio Amp
3V4 Audio Power Amp

The transmitter is crystal controlled, offering 2 frequencies in the range 2.7 - 4.4 MHz and 1 frequency in the range 4.4 - 7.0 MHz.

Power output is 1.5 - 2.0 watts.

Valve line up is:
3S4 Crystal Oscillator
3A5 Two in Parallel - RF Power Amplifier

Power Requirement:
Receive: A 1.4v@0.35A, B 150v@14ma, C 10.5v@6ma
Transmit: A 1.4v@0.54A, B 150v@50ma,C 10.5v@100ma

Note: TX "C" current varies according to packing of the carbon granules in the microphone - it can reach 200ma.

These sets were used by the armed services as well as commercial enterprises. The sets in my collection had been put to good use in their "after life", but still retained their military tags.

Illustrations of the set

TRP-1 Top view TRP-1 Bottom view

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